i’m all about genuine people, real moments and personal experience.

i am moved by real stories that celebrate the meaningful and inspire possibility.

i’m driven by human connection and raw altruism.

i am about the story and the journey. the outcome is the surprise at the end.

i’m about taking that first step and being true to yourself.

i believe that the best gift you can give in life is to chase your happiness and give who you are back to the world.







I’m Perth born and bred, living in Melbourne and filled with daydreams of travel and living adventurously. As far as people go, I am friendly, a little timid and genuinely care about my clients like friends.

The words to describe life through my lens are joy, beauty + genuine moments and my shoot style – well honestly, it’s pretty photo-journalistic + unobtrusive – I like to let my couples just be themselves and relax into their day while I capture the perfect and imperfect moments that make up your Wedding Day.

I love real moments and want to capture the genuine story of a day!

On your wedding day, I want to just, well, pretty much blend in – like a little photography Ninja. I want to be there among you and your girls getting ready, I want to capture your ceremony through the eyes of your guests, I want to capture perfect moments in a discrete manner and will only get up close when I need to then step back so not do overly disrupt the natural tone of the day. And most importantly, when you see your photos and some of the gorgeous moments that happened on the day, I want you to say ‘I didn’t even remember her being there when that happened’ (and yes this happens constantly).Find out more about Me and my wedding photography

As your photographer, I don’t want you to just be a client but a friend. When a friend is photographing you, you are genuinely smiling, authentically laughing and radiating the real love you share for one another. It’s easier to just be you! And that is where the real photography magic happens.
Your Wedding Photography is my gift to you – a curated collection of special memories from your day, captured in the most personalised manner as I live the day with you, observing the moments, image by image.

Let’s meet up for coffee – I normally meet any interested couples at a local cafe in South Melbourne. I’d love to hear your thoughts & answer any questions you may have. Shoot me an e-mail and ask about my pricing guide. Also, be sure to ask for special rates on elopements & weddings outside of Australia.


Marisa xx