How long have you been photographing weddings? How many weddings have you shot?

I have been documenting weddings for two years now and love every. single. moment of it.

I’ve been there to witness, document and curate more than 30 weddings as the key photographer. And on top of this I have documented  so many more as the second photographer for other photographers (it is the perfect training ground to grow your skills and experiment artistically before you take on the leap of documenting weddings for your own business – if you are an aspiring photographer and want to chat about second shooting opportunities, please drop me through a message on the contact form).

Do you travel to destination weddings outside of Melbourne?

I most certainly do! It is one of my favourite things to combine my love of the world with my love of photography.

Naturally there are few additional costs associated with this, but potentially not as much as you think. Flights, potentially a little car higher and a few nights of modest accommodation and that is really it!

I really want to photograph more farm and forest weddings in the next few years around Australia.

But, it is also a dream of mine to photograph weddings in Switzerland – no other place on Earth broke my heart wide open and drew me in quite like the mountains of Switzerland did.

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?

Some photographers choose to shoot weddings for commercial reasons, but for me weddings chose me in a very back-to-front way.

I love people, the intricacies of life and the millions of intertwined moments that bond people together. I love the way that emotion and thoughtfulness translates visually and how different we all are at expressing the core intent that sits behind our action. I am hopelessly sentimental and at my essence a true romantic – I’m drawn to people for all their good and sometimes ‘challenging’ trails. And more than anything, I want to be able to freeze these moments in time – to preserve these split second events for an eternity – these are the moments that hang on the walls of my mind as I go through-out my day.

So given that this is what moves me, you can imagine my astonishment when I arrived to photograph my first wedding – something that I was told needed to very technical, professional and structured – to find that Weddings are actually just the one day where everything that I love about people and the world is amplified and on show for us all to see.

So to put it plainly, what distinguishes me from other photographers, is not my package prices, the value of my equipment or the special gifts I send my clients – it’s the way I see the world and how I freeze time in every image as I tell the story of your day.

What equipment do you use and do you have back ups?

I am a firm believer that equipment is important but not as important as having the skills to use your equipment effectively. You only have to hear the story of how Jerry Ghionis (world renowned Wedding Photographer) shot a wedding on his iPhone, entered it into a high profile international photography competition (without telling the judges it was shot on an iPhone) and took out 4th place to know this game is so much more than the gear we carry. You need your equipment to be reliable and produce a professional quality photo, but for me it has never been as much about the gear itself, as it is the confidence it gives me to produce the work I love.

That said, I really love my gear! I am a Nikon shooter, but a few of the other people that shoot for me are Canon shooters  – the reality is both systems produce beautiful professional quality images – beyond that the differences really come down to preference, but unless you are a photographer, I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

I have three full frame camera’s – I use two on the day and the other is my back-up – if we are off on an Adventure Photo Shoot, I might only bring two cameras as I don’t like carrying so much gear.

I love to use prime lenses – I am totally and utterly in love with the latest addition to my kit, my Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 – but I do love a long time love affair with my Nikon 70-200mm lens for creating some of the most gorgeous bokeh (that perfectly blurred background) and allowing my couples have somewhat private and personal moments without be being so close. If you see me shooting a wedding, these are the two lenses I have on my camera 80% of the time.

I am primarily a natural light photographer, so you will never see me carrying around large scale lighting equipment – it’s just not my style.

Are you the photographer who will shoot my wedding?

At the beginning of 2015, something really exciting happened! I realised I was fully booked for the next wedding season! Squueeeeeeekkkkkkk! I was such an exciting time for someone following their dreams! That was until I realised that I had to spend the next 8 months turning away couples who I couldn’t fit into my schedule – it really didn’t feel nice.

At this time, there was another photographer who was second shooting for me (and that I shot for regularly) who had a really similar photography style to me, who also loved, love as much as I do – her name is Celia. At a wedding reception, I would look around the room and find her capturing images from the dance floor, while dancing along, having such a fun time with all of the guests… and I thought to myself  ‘she is pretty much a brunette version of me!’. I don’t know a single other Wedding Photographer that dances and has fun and loves to experience the wedding as if we are guests, as much as the two of us – so now you have the option to book either of us for your special day.

So, now I shoot around 90% of the weddings for Cadence + Grace but if I am booked, or if we think that one of us is a better fit for your style wedding we will ask you if we can switch – Celia is a huge Doctor Who fan, so the second that I find out that my couples share her love of the show and if the venue is one that I know she has shot at before, we will often have a conversation to see if everyone is comfortable with us switching 🙂

Can I see some of your full weddings?

Sure thing! All of my weddings are saved on the Cloud, so when we meet I can certainly share them with you. Understandably, I can’t share the links with you now as the albums are my clients private albums. The closest thing to full albums on my website can be seen on my blog – you should be able to tell from the blog images if you like the way I document full weddings, but just in case you need to see more, let me know and I’ll bring my iPad to our meeting.

Do you offer Videography too?

I have a funny story! Earlier in 2015 we documented a wedding for a gorgeous couple in Eltham. The Bride’s sister (who is a big deal in Australia), who performed the most amazing version of Moonriver I have ever heard as a gift for the the couple at their reception. When we found out my assistant decided to video the event (while I continued to capture it in stills), just so that the couple have a copy of it forever… Let’s just say that videography is an art form that we will not be embarking on any time soon 😉 You really want a professional to do this and there are some amazing people around town who can help you with that – shout out if you need a recommendation!

How do we book you?

Wow! That was fast – I knew we were getting along but this is wonderful! So first thing is first, drop me through a message or email (I will get back to you within 48 hours). From there if you want to meet or Skype we can set up a time and catch up over a coffee (or a cheeky glass of vino or a boutique beer) around Port Melbourne (this is my stomping ground).

If you are happy to lock it in simply after emailing (which is becoming more and more common these days), I will send you through a retainer invoice for approx. $500 of your total package (which can be paid via Direct Transfer, PayPal or cheque) and contract to be signed electronically – it is important to note that you need these two things finalised for me to  hold your wedding date for you.

From there it is full steam ahead as we collect the details of your wedding and organise final payment for a month before your wedding before all the shooting and editing can commence.